How To Write Poetry: Tips For Beginners

Paula Writes


I love poetry. I don’t consistently produce new poems any more. It goes in phases. But my passion for poetry never leaves me, and will always be an important aspect of my life and work, as a writer.

The focus upon precise use of language has definitely helped me to improve the quality of my prose – a welcome, beneficial side-effect of writing poems.

I was widely published in small press publications, and have also self-published several poetry collections. Nowadays, I do regularly share my work online, including via social media. Many of my poems appear on my World Poems page.

The aim of this post is to share a few tips to help you get started.

Read poetry: That’s my first piece of advice.

It does sound obvious, but so many people out there write poetry, having actually read very little themselves. Read – and re-read – a…

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Writing Tip: Brainstorming

Stuck on how to start your writing? This post gives you tips on how to start from one single idea to a wonderful story through brainstorming.


The really awesome thing about blogs is that they are constantly growing and hopefully the audience (Followers) are also growing. When I first posted this tip, I had under 50 followers, now I am nearly at 2,000! I repost old material when I think that it becomes relevant for new eyes (and good reminders for old ones).


Brainstorming shouldn’t feel like a lightening bolt to the brain, frying all circuits and leaving you with nothing. There are so many different ways successfully brainstorm so Let’s just talk about a few.

So you’ve got an idea, right? You’re stoked and ready to start writing about this awesome world, or character, or storyline. Only problem is, that’s all you’ve got: a single idea.

So what now?

My advice is to start brainstorming! Which, let’s be honest, when we are trying to come up with these ideas, it really can feel like a storm…

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